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Our Story

At Bells Beverage Co., we are passionate about crafting authentic and handcrafted syrups that promise to elevate any beverage.


Our syrups are made with only the finest ingredients, and our dedication to quality is reflected in every sip. We believe that every drink should be an experience, and we strive to create flavours that will delight and surprise our customers.

From traditional favourites such as Chocolate and Vanilla to modern tastes including Coconut and Pineapple - your imagination is the only limit when it comes to unique flavour combinations.


Bells Beverage Co. was born from the iconic Bells Milk Bar in far west NSW. Our syrups are still handcrafted to Les Bell’s Famous Secret Recipe on the premises of Bells Milk Bar in Patton St, Broken Hill – just like they have been since 1892 when the shop was founded by Fredrick Fenton as a confectioner and cordial maker.


The result is worth bottling!

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